Ensure the continuity of your business.

Businesses Continuity Plans (BCP) help build resilience and sustainability for businesses in tough times and enable the recovery of people, processes and property in your business. 

Often people confuse a Disaster Recovery Plan (DRP) as being the same as a BCP, but where a DRP is mainly focused on restoring the IT infrastructure, a BCP looks at the continuity of the entire business.

Recent events such as the spread of COVID-19 have reminded many businesses why it's so important to have a plan in place on how to mitigate risks that arise from things like travel bans and mandatory quarantine procedures. 

Our expert Business Consulting team can help guide you through the development and implementation of a BCP for your business. 

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What is Business Continuity Plan?

A Business Continuity Plan (BCP) is a set of procedures and processes of prevention and recovery to deal with potential threats to a business. The goal is to enable ongoing operations before and during the execution of disaster recovery. A Disaster Recovery Plan is a component of a BCP and is focused on restoring vital support systems.

When do you need a Business Continuity Plan?

Most disasters don't give advance notice on when they are going to happen, even if there is some warning, events unfold rapidly and can change quickly.

During these events is when a Business Continuity Plan comes into play. An up-to-date, tested plan gives your business the best chance of surviving a disaster. By not having a BCP you are putting considerable risk on your business to not only recover slowly, but perhaps not at all.

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Training and Discovery

Provide training on how to create the Business Continuity Plan and brief to Senior Management Team.

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Facilitate and Lead

Facilitate and guide the documenting of the Business Impact Analysis (BIA) process for all business areas.

Ensure the survival of your business in tough times.

Businesses Continuity Plans help build resilience and sustainability for businesses in tough times. Get in touch with our Business Consultancy team for a free initial consultation.

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