Disaster Recovery Plan Template

Although backups are still good practice, it only helps if you need to restore certain files. What would happen if you needed to completely restore all your data, applications and processes immediately?

Disaster Recovery Plan is a process and a set of procedures put in place to protect and ultimately recover your entire business in the event of a critical failure.

This IT Disaster Recovery Plan Template is designed to be easy to use and help you begin to map out your Disaster Recovery Plan by taking stock of your current IT procedures.

The Disaster Recovery Plan Template includes:

  • Critical Business Area Analysis to audit what and who would be impacted and what protection strategies are in place
  • Example Scenarios to give a clear understanding of appropriate processes to implement in the case of a critical failure
  • Scenario Planning to ensure all stakeholders are aware of their role and response to critical failure is swift and efficient
  • Data Security and Backup Strategy to help mitigate critical incidents and audit your backup processes and procedures

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Disaster Recovery Plan Template

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