Find your vulnerabilities before the hackers do.

Taking the Phishing Security test will help you:

  • Determine the 'phish-prone' percentage of your business
  • Identify potential victims of scam emails
  • Reduce the risk of hacking, malware and ransomware

Our free Phishing Test simulates an attack, but focuses on the highest risk factor in your business, the staff.


*To provide accurate results, the free phishing test is limited to a minimum of 15 emails and a maximum of 100 emails.

* Only one email domain can be used on the free phishing test level. Paid subscribers can use multiple domains.

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Take the free Phishing Test to find your business vulnerabilities before hackers do.

What is phishing?

What is Phishing?

Phishing is when a scammer sends out an email claiming to be from a well-known organisation in an attempt to gather personal and financial information. 

Several recent phishing campaigns targeting Australians have featured precise replicas of the imitated organisation’s brand design and competent use of English, where the typical fake email might historically have been easier to identify thanks to spelling errors, poor grammar and inconsistent design.

How does the Phishing Test work?

A fake phishing email is sent to your staff encouraging them to click on a link. After a short period we collect the numbers of staff who have clicked on links in the email and send you a report.

You will be able to identify how susceptible your staff are to phishing emails and train them appropriately.

Phishing Test Report
Reduce the risk

Reduce the risk 

Companies that have implemented staff phishing and training have seen a significant drop in staff clicking on compromised emails.

Simple and effective

Simple and effective

The Phishing test simulates an attack, but focuses on the highest risk factor in your business, the staff.

Find your Phish-Prone Percentage!

Take the free Phishing Test to determine what percentage of your staff are susceptible to malicious and scam emails.

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