Tailored technology wrapped up in a neat bundle.

Device as a Service (DaaS) provides:

  • Access to the latest devices and technology
  • Easy device management across the business
  • Reduced IT procurement workload
  • Secure and optimised devices
  • Simplified and accurate cost forecasting of IT spend

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Strategic Group - Device as a Service DaaS

What is Device as a Service?

Device as a Service (DaaS) combines hardware leasing and end-to-end lifecycle services into a single, per user, monthly contract.

Using DaaS, businesses have access to the latest devices and can refresh technology over time to meet changing business and employee requirements.

What are the benefits of Device as a Service?

Deploying DaaS in your business allows you to combine all hardware and lifecycle services to improve efficiency, stay on top of technology and enhance your employee experience, all with a simplified and predictable pricing model.

Strategic Group - Device as a Service DaaS
Bespoke technology solutions

Bespoke technology solutions

DaaS enables you to provide bespoke technology solutions for every employee while keeping your entire device lifecycle wrapped up in one simple per user package.

Modern workplace experience

Modern workplace experience

Every individual employee will have access to the right devices to perform their daily tasks with ease and efficiency while staff in general will have a more productive and modern workspace.

Device Lifecycle Management

Our DaaS solution will support you through the entire lifecycle of your device. From procurement, through to deployment and finally refresh, our end-to-end lifecycle services will manage and maintain all your devices, so you can focus on what matters in your business.

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Device as a Service allows you to deliver a consistent and modern technology experience across the business while maintaining control over your IT budget and security compliance.

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