Upgrading to New Technology

If you’re still using outdated technology and applications such as Windows 7, you are inviting unnecessary risk into your business.

Upgrading to New Technology

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Windows 7 is the latest operating system to meet it’s end of life support deadline, with Microsoft no longer offering any support or security patches to anyone still using the operating system.

It can be easy to dismiss upgrading your technology if it is still doing the job required, but the negative impacts on security and productivity can be huge. Not only is the decision to upgrade a hard one, but selecting the right technology and managing implementation can be difficult.

During this video we cover:  

  • Why upgrading is important, even if your technology is ‘still working’
  • Identifying and selecting the right technology for your business
  • How to implement new technology and get staff ‘buy-in’
  • Managing your device and technology lifecycles
Webinar Date

Recorded on Tuesday

14th January 2020

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Matt Bogacz

Meet the host: Matt Bogacz

Matt is the Customer Experience Manager here at Strategic Group. Matt trained as an Accountant before moving into Customer Experience and Service Delivery roles in the accounting industry, most notably Class and AMP.

Aron Robertson

Meet the speaker: Aron Robertson

Aron is the Director of Business Development and leads the Professional Services arm of Strategic Group. This involves reviewing and advising on operational management of IT process and policies, including Cyber Security.