Fireside Chat: Top Accounting Trends in 2020

Hear from our panel of experts on the top trends they have seen in the accounting industry during 2020.

Fireside Chat: Top Accounting Trends in 2020

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For our final StrategicEngage event of the year, we decided to put together a fireside chat to discuss the top trends we've seen in 2020.

From the obvious shift to working from home to how we're seeing firms adopt technology, we'll discuss what we've seen when out there speaking to accounting firms across Australia.

Join us for a fireside chat to wrap up a very interesting year - to say the least!

StrategicEngage: Fireside Chat

Webinar Date

Recorded on Thursday

5th November  2020

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Rob Pillans

Meet the speaker: Rob Pillans

For 30 years Rob has been working in and with accounting firms. Few people, if any, can match the breadth and depth of his experience in the management of firms.

He’s been the CEO of two accounting firms, the GM of one and the Business Manager for two more.

Aron Robertson

Meet the speaker: Aron Robertson

Aron is the Director of Business Development and leads the Professional Services and New Product Development arm of Strategic Group. This involves reviewing and advising on operational management of IT process and policies, including Cyber Security and Digital Transformation.

Matthew Bogacz

Meet the speaker: Matthew Bogacz

Matt is the Director of Client Services here at Strategic Group. Matt trained and worked as an Accountant before moving into Customer Experience and Service Delivery roles in the accounting industry, most notably with Class and AMP.