Lessons learned while working from home

Working from home has fast become the new normal over the last 6 months, with many people now opting to work from home on a more permanent basis after the initial COVID-19 lock down

Lessons learned while working from home

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We look at some of the best practices of businesses that have successfully adapted to a remote workforce and how you can take advantage of these lessons learned.

During this video we cover:  

  • Choosing the right technology and standardizing it across your business
  • Ensuring staff are using technology correctly by putting guidelines in place
  • How you can minimize risk with staff moving between office and home
  • Tips from FuseWorks on implementing digital signing
Webinar Date

Recorded on Tuesday

15th September 2020

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Aron Robertson

Meet the host: Aron Robertson

Aron is the Director of Business Development and leads the Professional Services and New Product Development arm of Strategic Group. This involves reviewing and advising on operational management of IT process and policies, including Cyber Security and Digital Transformation.

Sam Parker

Meet the speaker: Sam Parker

Sam is the Marketing Manager at FuseWorks, a provider of automation and software solutions built for Accounting and Financial Planning businesses. Sam loves all things about automation, business efficiency and maximising value provided to clients using data, software and technology, so that more time can be spent on the work that matters!