Automation and Paperless Office Technology

Running a fully paperless practice with automation in place that increases productivity has often been seen as the dream of many accounting firms, but is it achievable?

Automation and Paperless Office Technology

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Automating repetitive processes is one of the easiest ways to improve productivity and free your team up to focus on activities that are more engaging, and that clients actually value.

During this video we cover:  

  • The reasons why automation can improve your firm’s productivity
  • Common hurdles faced transitioning to an automated and paperless office
  • Tips from FuseWorks on how to identify and prioritise processes for automation
  • How TJL Business Advisors implemented automation in their firm
Webinar Date

Recorded on Wednesday

4th of December

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Matt Bogacz

Meet the host: Matt Bogacz

Matt is the Customer Experience Manager here at Strategic Group. Matt trained as an Accountant before moving into Customer Experience and Service Delivery roles in the accounting industry, most notably Class and AMP.


Trudi Saul

Meet the speaker: Trudi Saul

Trudi is the Marketing Manager at FuseWorks. Having been working within the accounting industry for over 12 years, Trudi enjoys sharing the positive impact that automation can have on businesses and the people within them.