VAULT Private Cloud

Imagine if you could take your office with you wherever you went without compromising on performance or safety. 

VAULT is a managed private cloud platform that allows you to take all of your existing applications into the Cloud – whether they are Cloud enabled or not. 

By doing this VAULT replaces the need for on-site servers or time wasted waiting for applications to play cloud catch-up.

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24/7 Helpdesk

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Access from anywhere

Get access from anywhere

Move to the cloud with VAULT

Take your office anywhere. Move to the cloud with VAULT

  • Reduce downtime and time wasted waiting for updates to install
  • Break free of the office with access from anywhere on any internet enabled device
  • Gain piece of mind with backup and Disaster Recovery across multiple Australian sites
  • Scale your business either up or down easily without the need for major upfront investment
  • Reclaim time back in your business and enhance engagement with your clients

Access anywhere

Access your business from anywhere using any internet enabled device.


Safe & Secure

VAULT is backed up across multiple data centres and protected by best in class infrastructure.


Australian made

Our infrastructure is 100% Australian owned and managed, with your data staying in Australia.

How does VAULT work?

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What VAULT users say

Hear what our clients have to say about moving their businesses to VAULT.

Mark Copsey Allworths

Mark Copsey - Allworths CA

"We believe the right way to outsource is to retain control, only by using VAULT do we have complete control of our data and faith that our platform is safe and secure"

Fab Fanayan Bentleys WA

Fab Fanayan - Bentleys WA

"The VAULT transition was fantastic and the team are great at supporting and planning the whole process. We have been able to standardise our server use and update to the latest server versions."

Peter Mann Kothes

Peter Mann - Kothes CA

"VAULT has allowed us to move to a single IT platform. This has allowed us to combine all the separate office databases into one single database that is accessible from any office or internet connection. Our IT capital expenditure has reduced by at least 80% and using VAULT has increased the effectiveness and efficiency of our internal paperless filing system."

The numbers don't lie

accounting firms

invested into VAULT 

years of experience

What's included in VAULT?


VAULT replaces the need for on-site servers and allows you to use all your current applications in the cloud.

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